Friday, December 1, 2017

Best TV 2017 price-value

In this post we try to recommend what TV you should buy the best value of 2017. If you want to save in the first half of the year are also available TVs 2016. To learn more: When is the best moment to buy a TV?

Best TV £2500-3000

The high-end TVs in 2017 are 4K resolution, compatible with HDR10 and feature SmartTV. In this category we differentiate OLEDs from LCD-LEDs.
  • LG OLED B7 / C7: (8.5) is probably the most recommended TV if you have a high budget. The B7 and C7 are the same in picture quality. Ideal for any type of use and for any situation, both front and sides. The price in 55 inches over £3000.
  • Sony XE9305: (8.2) Best LCD-LED TV. Good picture quality and very good in HDR too. It is not a recommended TV to watch from the sides. About £200 cheaper than LG's OLED

£1500 55 inches

Without being the best have very good picture quality, its price about £1500 in 55 inches. Good choice for lovers of picture quality, with budget less than OLED. Compatibility supports HDR10 but not other formats.
  • Sony XE9005: (8) Model with direct LED, good uniformity and good contrast, to watch better front. Too expensive at the moment.
  • Samsung MU8000: (7.5) A TV to watch from the front with good contrast and ideal for gamers. Good overall.
  • Panasonic EX750: VA and 3D.

Mid-range £1000:

Televisions with more than enough picture quality for most users. They include Smart, 4K and are compatible with HDR, although its panel is something inferior: 8bits. Price of about £1000 in 55 inches.
  • Samsung MU6400: The Samsung midrange, every year gives an excellent result combining: performance, picture quality and price. They are televisions with panel VA so it is better to watch them from the front. Any of the series is recommended: MU6445, MU6505, ...
  • LG UJ670V: With IPS panel is more suitable for those with large family or sofas from the sides. Not recommending to watch movies in the dark.

The Televisions FullHD this 2017 are few, only reserved to the lower range. We recommend you visit our list with all FullHD TVs if you don't want to spend much for a TV.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Best 2017 LCD-LED TV

LCD-LED technology is the one offered by most televisions, known as LED TVs. This 2017 and already in 2016 are presented several OLED of different brands.

We can differentiate two groups of LED TV according to its panel: IPS vs VA.
Summarizing the IPS panels offer a greater viewing angle so they are recommended to watch from the front or from the sides, their black level is lower so they are not recommended to watch the TV in the dark. VA panels offer higher levels of blacks so they are good for viewing in dark or lighted halls, but better from the front.

The Best LCD-LED TVs of 2017

All major brands offer high-end models with this technology, but also offer OLEDs or QLEDs (in the case of Samsung).
The best TVs of each brand are: Sony XE9305, Samsung MU9000, LG SJ950V and Panasonic DX902B.
These models share several features in addition to LED technology. All are Smart, compatible with HDR 10bits panel and 4K resolution. All are available in 55 inches and its price is high.

The black level and viewing angle is the main difference from LG SJ950V, as its panel is IPS. It is a model very similar to the rest of the NanoCell series like the SJ850V. Color reproduction is good and is compatible with all HDR formats: HDR10, DolbyVision and HLG.

Panasonic maintains the 2016 DX902 as the best LCD-LED, still one of the best in the control of TV Zones offering blacks and brightness control of the best LCD. The panel is VA and is the only one with 3D.

Sony XE9305 is VA and enhances the model from the previous year with the new X1 Extreme processor. Compatible with HDR10 and future upgrade to DolbyVision.

The Samsung MU9000 is not the best Samsung of the year, which features QLED models but they are very expensive, we compare them (for their price) with OLEDs. This MU9000 is curved but the MU8000 is the same with flat screen. They are VA and offer a sufficiently bright image maintaining a good level of black. The worst is its viewing angle.

The price for 55-58 inches is £2000-2500 depending on the store, offers etc, ...
The Sony is the most expensive, at least output, very close to the Samsung MU9000. The Panasonic as it has been a year for sale, its price has already stabilized and we do not think it goes much lower. If you go to watch the TV from the sides or you have large family the LG better because of its greater viewing angle. If you want to enjoy cinema in the dark we recommend the Sony XE9305 with good black and good color reproduction, although the brightness for HDR images is perhaps better the Samsung MU9000.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Comparison LG UJ635V UJ651V UJ670V UJ701V UJ750V

Difference between LG series UJ6 and UJ7. These are the mid-range LG TVs for 2017. These models are Smart webOS 3.5 and have HDR compatibility and 4K resolution. There are several differences between these models although all are 8bits, with panel IPS and native frequency of 50Hz.

Comparison LG UJ635V UJ651V UJ670V UJ675V UJ701V UJ750V

These are the televisions that we consider in this post. LG has released this year a top line with models called NanoCell "SJ" are the SJ850V SJ810V SJ800V and SJ950V. In addition to these models if you look for the best in televisions of 2017 we recommend to check the OLED televisions, although they are much more expensive.

All are compatible with HDR10, but only the top model UJ750V is compatible with Dolby Vision

The LG UJ634V is the cheapest with 4K resolution. The design is with brown crescent type stand. It is the same as the LG UJ635V with black stand. The PMI is 1600Hz. The UJ630V is the other version with the same specifications but stand with two legs.

LG UJ651V Improves the brightness and a little color of the UJ63 models, including LocalDimming from 55in. The LG UJ670V with Metal Frame design shares specifications with this model and we have not been able to find differences either in the LG UJ701V. (include Harman Kardon Sound)

The LG UJ675V is only available in 75 inches, it is the same as the UJ670 but with something more than PMI: 2200Hz

LG UJ750V is the top model and includes Magic Control as an extra. It has more brightness and range of colors so it is compatible with DolbyVision HDR10 and HLG. ¿The audio system is Kardon 2.0?

55UJ630V 55UJ651V 55UJ701V 55UJ750V
Panel DirectLED EdgeLED EdgeLED EdgeLED
ULTRA Luminance - Y Y Y
Active Depth Enhancer - - - Y
LocalDimming - Y Y Y
DCI-P3 80% 83% 84% 90%
True Motion (refresh rate) TM100 (50Hz) TM100 (50Hz) TM100 (50Hz) TM100 (50Hz)
PMI 1600Hz 1900Hz 1900Hz 2200Hz
Bits 8bits 8bits 8bits 8bits
DolbyVision - - - Y
Magic Remote - - Y Y
Audio Harman Kardon - - Y -
USB 2 2 2 2
HDMI 3 4 4 4


Either of these TVs fit well to average users, the important differences lie between the UJ750V and the rest. We recommend a mid-range TV like the UJ651V or any of its variants since the price is very similar to the UJ63. All are recommended for well-lit rooms, to watch from ahead or from the sides, good Smart, good for sports but not recommended for watching movies in dark rooms.

Full Review:

Samsung MU6400: mid-range review 2017

The Samsung MU6400 is a mid-range 2017 LCD-LED TV. Like all mid-range models, this TV includes SmartTV, 4K resolution and HDR compatibility. The MU6400 is good for picture quality in general if you watch it quite centered, its VA panel has a reduced viewing angle so we do not recommend this type of panel if you are going to watch the TV from the sides. As picture quality it is compatible with HDR10, but with a panel of 8Bits, the top panels are available from the MU7000 series. The compatibility is good and includes the necessary tuners (not double tuner). The same TV is available with curved screen: Samsung MU6500.

Technical / Specifications:

Specs and comments are of the specific product,
the same model can undergo important variations
Screen: 40, 49, 55 and 65 inches. Flat
TechnologyLCD-LED EdgeLED
Panel: VA 8bits
Resolution: 4K UHD 3840x2160
3D: -
PQI: 1500Hz
Smart TVTizen
  • 3xHDMI 
  • 2xUSB 
  • Audio: 20W
View all specifications (Samsung website)

Design Samsung MU6400:

Alternative to Samsung MU6400?

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Our opinion Samsung MU6400(veredict):

Our opinion on the Samsung MU6400 is good overall. This TV is going to offer more than enough image quality and performance for any type of normal user, this TV is the evolution of the best seller KU6400 of the previous year, although it does not show any apparent improvements. The MU640 is a mid-range TV ideal for those who want a new 4K TV and HDR but are not very freaks of the picture quality. We recommend you buy the MU6400 during 2017 if you are looking for price-quality image without being too demanding and if we are going to watch it from the front.

Model Name: Name of 2017 Samsung
  • Samsung 40MU6400
  • Samsung 49MU6400
  • Samsung 55MU6400
  • Samsung 65MU6400

Monday, June 19, 2017

LG UJ651V: Midrange recommended IPS

The LG UJ651V is the mid-range TV for 2017. The resolution is 4K and the IPS panel thus offering a wide viewing angle. This TV is compatible with HDR10, although the panel is not 10-bit, the HDR content looks pretty good. It is not a recommended TV to watch movies in the dark when being IPS panel, but includes LocalDimming. Smart webOS 3.5 is one of the best or the best of the moment. This TV shares specifications with small variations with LG UJ670V and UJ701V.

Technical / Specifications:

Specs and comments are of the specific product,
the same model can undergo important variations
Screen: 43, 49, 55, 60, 65 and 75 inches. Flat
TechnologyLCD-LED EdgeLED LocalDimming
Panel: IPS 8bits
Resolution: 4K UHD 3840x2160
3D: -
PMI1900Hz (50Hz)
DCI-P3: 83%
Smart TVwebOS 3.5
  • 4x HDMI
  • 2x USB 
  • Audio: 20W
View all specifications (LG website)

Design LG UJ651V:

Alternative to LG UJ651V?

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Our opinion LG UJ651V (veredict):

Our opinion on the LG UJ651V is good if you want a mid-range TV with 4K resolution, HDR worthy and you don't watch TV in the dark. LG is the best in Smart and it compatibility is good, natural image and wide viewing angle. It is a TV also recommended for sports and not so much for gamers. We think the price is right for a TV in this category since the top model: UJ750V is quite expensive.

Model Name: Name of 2017 LG
  • LG 43UJ651V
  • LG 49UJ651V
  • LG 55UJ651V
  • LG 60UJ651V
  • LG 65UJ651V
  • LG 75UJ651V